Shipping costs and payment methods

Shipping costs

The term "delivery costs" includes logistics handling, postage, packing and transportation costs. Shipping costs depend on the country of destination and the total weight of the order. Shipping costs are free from €0 in Spain and Portugal. In other cases they are calculated on the basis of the following tables:

Weight Shipping to Spain (mainland) and Balearic Islands.
Up to X Kgs 6€
Additional Kgs 0,40€

Weight Shipping to Portugal Shipping to Belgium, Vatican, Francés, Italy, Luxembourg, Mónaco, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Shipping to Germany, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Greenland, Ireland, Faroe Islands, Sweden.
Up to X Kgs 8,51€ 11,44€ 12,97€
Up to X Kgs 8,60€ 13,11€ 14,95€
Up to X Kgs 8,75€ 15,75€ 16,34€
Up to X Kgs 8,95€ 16,95€ 16,34€
Up to X Kgs 9,10€ 18,93€ 16,34€
Up to X Kgs 10,90€ 19,14€ 20,43€
Up to X Kgs 11,10€ 22,93€ 25,73€
Up to X Kgs 11,50€ 24,70€ 26,93€
Up to X Kgs 11,75€ 26,95€ 27,95€
Up to X Kgs 11,95€ 27,75€ 28,75€
Up to X Kgs 13,79€ 39,50€ 43,72€
Up to X Kgs 14,84€ 43,30€ 45,75€
Up to X Kgs 19,57€ 52,83€ 53,70€
Up to X Kgs 20,63€ 55,20€ 57,08€
Up to X Kgs 23,77€ 57,52€ 58,26€
Up to X Kgs 27,21€ 59,45€ 60,19€
Up to X Kgs 30,43€ 61,90€ 62,10€
Up to X Kgs 33,64€ 62,20€ 63,48€
Up to X Kgs 36,86€ 64,98€ 66,90€
Up to X Kgs 40,07€ 65,23€ 67,98€
Up to X Kgs 43,29€ 67,75€ 69,75€
Up to X Kgs 46,50€ 69,99€ 72,80€
Additional Kgs 0,65€ 0,99€ 0,99€

Payment methods

Credit card accepts payments with VISA, Verified by VISA, MasterCard, MasterCard SecureCode. When placing the order, the client will facilitate credit card details, which will be stored directly at Redsys during the purchase process. does not store credit card information.


It consists in the transfer or the deposit of the full amount of the order in favour of Wine Spirits Trade S.L. bank account. With explicit mention of the order number. Orders with this method of payment not paid to Wine Spirits Trade S.L. account ten days after the confirmation of the order will be cancelled automatically. It is important to remember that some banks may take 1-2 business days to make the transfer efectivo and deposits into the account may take a minimum of 24 h to be reflected in our system.


The customer may pay for the order through Paypal payment system. You may choose how to pay: bank account, debit, credit card or PayPal prepaid or PayPal balance. You may also make payment in any currency accepted by PayPal